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Your Go-to Society of the Snow Parents Guide

What Is the Society of the Snow? An Overview for Parents

The Society of the Snow Parents Guide is an organization dedicated to promoting snow sports like skiing and snowboarding for kids and teens. As a parent, joining the Society is a great way to help your child develop a lifelong passion for winter recreation in a safe, structured environment.

Learn From Experienced Coaches

The Society provides top-notch instruction for skiers and snowboarders of all ability levels. Certified coaches will teach your child proper technique and form so they can build confidence and skills over time. Private or group lessons are available for ages 4 and up.

Safety First

The Society prioritizes safety above all else. All equipment is professionally fitted to your child, and beginners learn how to properly use gear before hitting the slopes. Strict supervision, safety checks, and age-appropriate terrain help prevent injuries. Your child’s wellbeing and development are the top priorities.

Foster New Friendships

Through weekend clinics, seasonal programs, and events, your child will get to know other young skiing and riding enthusiasts their age. They’ll bond over their shared interest in snow sports and the adventures of learning and improving together. These new friendships can last well beyond the snow season.

Family Discounts and Perks

As a member, you’ll receive exclusive discounts on equipment rentals, lift tickets, lodging, and more at partner resorts. You’ll also get invites to member-only events where the whole family can socialize and celebrate the snow sports lifestyle. The Society truly brings people together through a love of winter.

The Society of the Snow Parents Guide opens up a world of opportunities for kids and families to learn, grow, and thrive in a winter wonderland. By providing high-quality instruction and a supportive community, the Society helps foster a lifelong passion for snow sports in children and brings families together through memorable mountain experiences.

Getting Involved: Ways for Parents to Support Their Child in the Society

As a parent, one of the best ways to support your child in the Society is by getting involved. Your participation shows your child you care about their interests and activities. It also allows you to connect with other snow sports families and build community. Here are some of the main ways you can lend your support:

Volunteer Your Time

The Society depends on parent volunteers to help organize events, assist at competitions, and fill other essential roles. Offer to volunteer as a chaperone for trips, help out at fundraisers, or take on a leadership position like committee chair or board member. The time you donate will be greatly appreciated.

Attend Competitions and Events

Make an effort to attend as many of your child’s snow sports events as possible, from local competitions to the annual national championships. Cheer them on from the sidelines and congratulate them afterward on a job well done. Your presence and enthusiasm will mean the world to them.

Help Out With Expenses

The costs to participate in snow sports can add up over time. Help subsidize expenses like lift tickets, equipment, travel and competition fees. Set a budget with your child to determine what expenses you can share so they can focus on their training and performance.

Show Your Team Spirit

Get custom gear like jackets, beanies or stickers emblazoned with your child’s team name and logo. Wear the gear when attending events to show your pride and support. Encourage other family members and friends to do the same. Check with your local shops on having gear customized, or buy standard options from the Society’s online store.


Organize or participate in fundraisers to raise money for your child’s team and the Society. Popular options include restaurant nights, auctions, talent shows, and product sales. Get creative and suggest an exciting new fundraiser to rally support from other families. Every dollar raised helps to offset costs and provide more opportunities for the athletes.

With so many ways for parents to get involved, there’s an opportunity for every level of commitment. Find what works for your schedule and interests, and make the most of this experience with your child. Your participation and support can help shape memories that will last for years to come.

The Journey From Sparrow to Owl: Understanding the Society Ranks

Sparrow (New Member)

As a new member, you enter the Society as a Sparrow. This is the starting rank for all members. As a Sparrow, you have access to the basic member benefits, like connecting with other new members, attending local meetups, and participating in online forums. To advance to the next rank of Blue Jay, you need to remain an active member in good standing for 6-12 months.

Blue Jay (Active Member)

Once you’ve been a Sparrow for the required time and remain active in the community, you’ll advance to the rank of Blue Jay. Blue Jays have access to additional member benefits, like invites to exclusive online events, subscription discounts, and eligibility for leadership roles in local chapters. To become a Red-Tailed Hawk, continue your activity and involvement for another 6-12 months.

Red-Tailed Hawk (Veteran Member)

Red-Tailed Hawks are veteran members who have shown a high level of activity and commitment to the Society for at least 2 years. In addition to all the benefits of the lower ranks, Red-Tailed Hawks get voting rights in Society matters, eligibility for the Member Advisory Council, and can take on official leadership positions. To advance to the highest rank of Great Horned Owl, you need to remain a Red-Tailed Hawk in good standing for a minimum of 2 years.

Great Horned Owl (Leader)

The highest rank in the Society is that of Great Horned Owl. Great Horned Owls have over 4 years of continuous membership and service. They have access to all benefits and privileges, including serving on the Governing Council which helps shape the future direction of the Society. Great Horned Owls are leaders and ambassadors in the community.

Advancing through the ranks of the Society is a rewarding journey. Take your time, stay active and involved, build meaningful connections, and before you know it, you’ll be flying high as a Great Horned Owl!

Frequently Asked Questions From Society of the Snow Parents Guide Parents

Who can join the Society of the Snow Parents Guide Parents?

Anyone with a child in the Snow Sports program is welcome to join. We have members who are parents, guardians, grandparents, and other caretakers. All you need is an interest in supporting your child’s passion for skiing or snowboarding.

Resources and Tips for Society Parents

As a Society parent, there are many resources and tips available to help you navigate this new role. Here are some of the most useful ones:

Your Chapter’s Parent Network

Connect with other parents in your local chapter. They can provide support, advice and recommendations for everything from the best tutors to coping with exam stress. Don’t hesitate to reach out—all Society parents have been where you are now.

The Society Website

The Society’s website has a members-only parent portal with helpful articles on topics like:

  • Preparing your teen for the challenges of the upper years
  • Managing stress and maintaining wellbeing
  • Finding the right university program
  • Transitioning to post-secondary life

You’ll also find the latest news and events, access to online tutoring and test prep programs, and links to scholarship opportunities.

Set Clear Expectations

While the Society curriculum is demanding, it’s important to set reasonable limits around studying and extracurriculars. Require downtime, limit screen time and encourage your teen to pursue hobbies and social interactions outside of school. Strong mental health and work-life balance will help them thrive in the program.

Get Involved

Volunteer to help organize events, mentor other students, or assist with fundraising. Not only will you support the Society, but you’ll gain valuable insight into the program and form connections with other parents and students. Your involvement and enthusiasm can inspire your teen to become more engaged as well.

The Society years will fly by, so take advantage of all the resources available to help guide your teen to success. With your support and encouragement, they will develop the knowledge, skills and confidence to achieve their dreams. Though the road ahead may seem long, stay focused on the rewards of this journey you’re taking together.


So there you have it, parents. The inside scoop on what the Society of the Snow Parents Guide is all about and how you can get involved. No need to feel intimidated or out of the loop. With a little effort, you’ll get the hang of the lingo and traditions in no time. The most important thing is that your kids are having fun, making memories, and getting exercise. And who knows? You might even make some new friends on the mountain yourself. The Society of the Snow welcomes families of all kinds. Lean into the adventure together and see where the slopes may lead!

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