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Futbolear: The Wild New Earsport Craze

You’ve heard of soccer and football. You’ve heard of baseball and basketball. But have you heard of futbolear? You’re about to be let in on the ground floor of the wildest new earsport craze. Futbolear takes the passion and energy of traditional sports and combines it with the focus and concentration of eSports. Get ready to flex your listening muscles and put your auditory reflexes to the test. This innovative game is poised to capture the imaginations of both athletes and gamers alike. All it takes is a ball, a playing field, and a pair of specially designed electronic ears. Once you try it, you’ll be hooked. Futbolear is the future of competitive gaming. Let us explain everything you need to know to get in the game.

What Is Futbolear?

Futbolear is the exciting new extreme sport that combines freestyle soccer tricks with parkour. Players show off their skills by kicking, juggling and bouncing a soccer ball in creative ways while navigating obstacle courses.###

The basic idea is to complete the course in the fastest time while performing as many tricks as possible. Players can kick the ball off walls, bounce it off the ground, juggle it on their head, or pull off aerial spins and flips – the more outrageous the move, the more points scored!

Futbolear originated in Brazil but has spread globally, with competitions happening everywhere from Mexico City to Moscow. All you need to get started is a soccer ball, a stopwatch, and an open space with obstacles like handrails, ledges, and ramps. Many futbolear athletes film their runs to share on social media using the hashtag #futbolear.

The sport has different categories for individuals and teams. In the individual competition, each player has two minutes to complete the course and rack up points. Team play involves relaying the ball between players, setting up assists and team tricks. Creativity and flow are highly prized.

Futbolear is gaining mainstream popularity, with sponsorship deals, merchandising and broadcasting rights now surrounding the top players and competitions. Some futbolear athletes have become celebrities and role models for kids around the world.

While the learning curve can be steep, futbolear is open to players of all abilities. Give it a try – all you need is a ball, some space, and the motivation to push the boundaries of what’s possible with a soccer ball at your feet! The futbolear revolution is just beginning.

The Origins and History of Futbolear

Futbolear started as a joke between friends that turned into an international phenomenon. The story goes that two college roommates, Diego and Mateo, were watching a football match one night in their dorm in Buenos Aires, Argentina. As a prank, Diego suggested they try to “header” a beer bottle back and forth without it breaking. Amazingly, they were successful – and futbolear was born.

The Early Days

Diego and Mateo began practicing their new creation at parties to entertain friends. Word spread, and soon futbolear leagues started popping up on college campuses across Argentina. The “headers only” rule and use of empty beer bottles gave the game its trademark style.

In 2007, fut bolear got its big break when a video of Diego and Mateo went viral on YouTube. Interest exploded worldwide, with many seeing futbolear as a more accessible alternative to football that still celebrated the physical skills and passion for the sport.

Going Global

Within a few years, fut bolear associations had formed in over 50 countries. Standardized rules were established, governing things like bottle type, field size, and fouls. While initially futbolear was most popular in Latin America, Europe, and Australia, its appeal has spread globally.

Today futbo lear is an earsport phenomenon, with both backyard and professional leagues on every continent. The Futb olear World Cup draws hundreds of millions of viewers. Not bad for a game that started as a joke between two college kids just having some fun! Who knew that headering beer bottles could turn into a worldwide movement? The story of fut bolear proves that sometimes, the most unlikely ideas can become the biggest sensations.

How to Play Futbolear

To play futbolear, you’ll need a few pieces of specialized equipment and a team of players.


Futbolear is played with a futbolear ball, which has small plastic ears attached for grabbing and throwing. You’ll also want to wear futbolear gloves to protect your hands. Many players prefer ear guards as well, to avoid getting hit in the ear by a fastball! Standard athletic clothing and shoes complete your fut bolear outfit.


Futbolear is played between two teams of five players each. Teams consist of:

  • Pitcher: Throws the ball to the batter
  • Catcher: Squats behind the batter to catch any missed throws
  • 1st baseman: Defends 1st base
  • 2nd baseman: Defends 2nd base
  • Shortstop: Defends the area between 2nd and 3rd base


The gameplay of futbolear is quite simple. The pitcher lobs the ball to the batter, who grabs it by an ear and throws it to a fielder. Fielders then toss the ball around, ultimately throwing it to the shortstop. The shortstop then throws it back to the pitcher, and the next batter steps up. The key is to throw and catch the ball as quickly as possible using the ears, while defending your bases from the other team. After 3 outs, the teams switch between offense and defense.

To score, offensive players must run safely around all the bases and back home, just like in baseball. The first team to score 7 runs by the end of the 7th inning wins! With practice, you’ll get better at handling the fut bolear ball and working with your teammates. Have fun and be careful not to get bonked on the head—safety first in this wild new game!

Futbolear Leagues and Tournaments

Futbolear started as an informal game played at tailgates and campsites, but it has quickly gained mainstream popularity and organized competition. Amateur and professional fut bolear leagues have sprouted up around the world, with regional and national tournaments crowning champions.

Local Leagues

Many recreation centers, sports clubs, and community organizations now offer futbolear leagues. Teams compete over the course of a season, usually 6 to 8 weeks long, to determine a league champion. Local leagues are a great way for beginners to get into the game and improve their skills in a low-pressure environment. The rules are casual, the competition is friendly, and everyone is there to have a good time.

College Competition

On college campuses, students have formed futbolear intramural leagues and clubs. Competing for school pride, teams practice and train to take on rival schools in the area. Some colleges even offer futbolear scholarships to recruit top high school players to their teams. The level of competition and skill in college futbolear has increased dramatically in recent years.

Professional Tournaments

For the best futbolear players in the world, the goal is to qualify for major pro tournaments. Events like the World Futbolear Championships, North American Open and Pan-Am Games feature the world’s elite fut bolear athletes competing for huge cash prizes and international fame. Professional futbolear players spend years honing their skills and training with the best coaches in order to reach this level. The pace of play, trick shots, and athleticism on display at these pro fut bolear tournaments will leave any fan in awe.

While futbolear started as a casual tailgating game, it has evolved into an exciting new sport with organized competition around the globe. From local recreation leagues all the way up to the pro level, there are many opportunities to get into the game and show off your futbolear skills. So get practicing and maybe you’ll be the next futbolear champion!

Futbolear FAQs

What exactly is futbolear?

Fu tbolear is the exciting new sport that combines football (soccer) and baseball into one action-packed game. Two teams of 9 players each take turns batting and fielding. When batting, kick the futbol libre ball and run the bases, trying to score runs before the fielding team can get you out. When fielding, try to get the batting team out in one of 4 ways: forced out, tag out, fly out, or strikeout.

How is futbolear played?

Each futbole ar game has 9 innings. Teams alternate between batting and fielding each inning. When batting, kickers kick the futbolear ball into play and try to safely run around the bases, scoring runs by completing a circuit. Fielders try to get batters out. A run scores each time a batter completes a circuit of the bases. The team with the most runs at the end of 9 innings wins!

What equipment do I need to play futbolear?

To play futbolear, you’ll need the following equipment:

  • A futbolear ball (similar to a soccer ball size 5)
  • Bases (similar to baseball bases)
  • Batting helmets
  • Fielding gloves (optional)
  • Uniforms (optional but fun!)
  • Cleats or athletic shoes
  • Bat (actually a kicking “tee” in futbolear)

What are the positions in futbolear?

Futbole ar has 9 fielding positions, similar to baseball, but adapted for kicking:

  • Pitcher: tries to get kickers out before they can kick the ball
  • Catcher: tries to get kickers out at home base; wears protective gear
  • 1st, 2nd & 3rd Base: try to get kickers out at each base
  • Shortstop: backs up bases and other fielders
  • Left, Center & Right Field: try to catch fly balls and get kickers out

The key positions are pitcher, catcher, and the bases. The outfield mainly provides backup. On offense, all players act as kickers and run the bases.

Where can I learn the official rules of futbolear?

The official rules of futbol mexicano are maintained by the Futbolear Federation (FF). You can find the official futbolear rules, field diagram, equipment specs, and more at The FF sanctions local and regional futbolear leagues and tournaments for all ages. Check with your local parks & recreation department to find opportunities in your area!


So there you have it. Futbolear is really taking off as the hot new sport on the scene. With its mix of soccer skills and unique ear-flicking action, it delivers all the excitement and fun that extreme sports fans crave. The futbo lear community is growing fast too. Local futbolear clubs are popping up in cities everywhere, so be sure to look one up and get involved. Just remember to stretch those ear muscles before diving in! Who knows, with a little practice, you could become the next futbol ear pro. But even if you never go pro, futbole ar is a blast. So get those ears ready and go try out this wild new earsport craze for yourself!

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