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The Best Martichoras Smite Build for Dominating Matches

Okay, listen up all you martichoras mains. You know how frustrating it can be when you just can’t seem to get the most out of your scaly friend in Smite. Believe me, I’ve been there too. But after way too many hours of getting stomped in matches, I finally cracked the code. My martichoras is now an unstoppable force that has everyone begging for mercy. How did I do it? I found the perfect itemization, ability order, and playstyle to bring out martichoras’ true power. In this guide, I’ll walk you through the best martichoras build step-by-step so you too can start dishing out the pain. With my smite martichoras build, you’ll have everyone trembling at the sight of your half lion, half scorpion buddy. So buckle up buttercup, you’re about to become a martichoras master.

An Introduction to Martichoras in Smite

Martichoras is one of the newest assassins introduced in Smite. This half-human, half-scorpion warrior wields a deadly scorpion tail and claws, allowing her to shred through enemies. She excels at isolating targets and bursting them down quickly. ###Her Abilities

Martichoras’ first ability, Venomous Sting, fires a poison dart that deals damage over time and reduces healing. Use this to poke at enemies from a distance and reduce their sustain. Her second ability, Scorpion Grapple, throws out her scorpion claw to grab an enemy and pull them toward you. This allows you to set up your other abilities and basic attacks.

Her third ability, Noxious Haze, unleashes poison in an area around you, damaging all enemies inside. Enemies affected by Noxious Haze also have their protections reduced, making them take more damage. Martichoras’ ultimate, Deathstalker, transforms her into a giant scorpion. In this form, she gains increased movement speed, basic attack damage, and uses her massive pincers to grab, crush and throw enemy gods.

Building and Playing Martichoras

Build Martichoras with power and penetration to maximize her ability damage. Items like Jotunn’s Wrath, Brawler’s Beat Stick, and Heartseeker are good options. For relics, choose Purification Beads to escape crowd control and Aegis Amulet for defense.

In teamfights, look to isolate a squishy enemy damage dealer or healer using your Scorpion Grapple and Venomous Sting. Unleash your full combo with basics weaved in between abilities. If focused, use your ultimate Deathstalker to turn the fight, grabbing enemies and hurling them away from you. With Martichoras’ mobility and burst potential, you can swiftly eliminate key targets before the enemy team can react.

Play Martichoras aggressively, invading the enemy jungle and ganking overextended lanes. Her single target damage and crowd control make her an excellent assassin, capable of dominating teamfights and carrying matches. master her unique playstyle, and you’ll be climbing ranked in no time!

Core Items for a Strong Martichoras Build

To dominate in Smite as Martichoras, you need to build a set of core damage and defense items. Focus on physical power, penetration, and protections so you can burst down enemies while surviving team fights.

Warrior Tabi

These boots provide physical power and movement speed to chase down targets. The power will boost your abilities and basic attacks, allowing you to clear lanes and pressure opponents early.

Jotunn’s Wrath

This hammer gives you physical power, penetration, and cooldown reduction. The penetration will allow your abilities to cut through enemy protections, increasing your damage. Shorter cooldowns mean you can use your abilities more often to control team fights.

Breastplate of Valor

Although you want to build damage, you also need defense to avoid being blown up in fights. This breastplate provides physical protections and cooldown reduction. The protections will reduce damage from enemy physical gods and towers, while the cooldown reduction synergizes well with Jotunn’s Wrath.

Void Shield

This shield gives you physical power, health, and protections. The passive also reduces the physical protections of nearby enemies, increasing all physical damage dealt to them. This complements your role as an initiator, allowing your team to follow up for kills. The health and protections provide more durability for the middle of fights.

Titan’s Bane

To further boost your damage, Titan’s Bane gives you physical power and penetration. This will allow your abilities and basic attacks to deal nearly true damage to squishy targets, even if they build some protections. The power also increases your clear potential to push lanes.

Building a mix of damage and defense with cooldown reduction will make you a threatening initiator and bruiser. Look for opportunities to dive the backline, peel for your damage dealers, and control objectives. With practice, you’ll be dominating matches in no time!

Recommended Ability Order for Martichoras

To dominate with martichoras smite build, prioritizing the right abilities is key. As with any god, you’ll want to focus on leveling up your abilities in a strategic order. For Martichoras, here is the recommended path:

Start with Venomous Bite (1)

This ability deals damage over time and reduces healing for enemies hit. Maxing this first gives you solid clear potential and boxing power in the early game. The healing reduction is also useful against gods with built-in sustain.

Next, max Cobra’s Kiss (2)

This ability provides a damage buff and healing for each enemy hit. Leveling this second gives you increased sustain and damage output to control the mid-game. The extra power will allow you to shred objectives like Gold Fury and Fire Giant.

Then, Viper Shot (3)

While less critical than your other abilities, Viper Shot provides poke damage and a slow. Put a few points into this next to increase your gank setup potential and chase potential. The damage increase, while minor, also provides extra clear.

Finally, max King Cobra (Ultimate) whenever possible.

Your ultimate provides damage mitigation, power, and extra damage on basic attacks. Level this at 5, and then whenever possible to maximize your power spikes. Activating King Cobra at the right time can turn teamfights in your favor.

Following this leveling order, you’ll have the damage, sustain, and utility to dominate as martichoras smite build. But as with any god, be flexible—if you need extra clear or healing in a match, adjust your leveling accordingly. And of course, don’t forget to level your ultimate at 5, and then whenever possible for the biggest power spikes!

Power Spike Timing – When Martichoras Gets Strong

Martichoras may start each match feeling weak, but her power spikes significantly once she gets a few core items built. Around level 5-7 is when you’ll start to feel Martichoras’s damage and control potential increase.

Complete Transcendence

After building Transcendence, Martichoras gains 10% cooldown reduction, allowing you to spam abilities more often. At max stacks, you gain +30 physical power, increasing your damage output. Make transcendence your first major item purchase.

Divine Ruin

As a second item, Divine Ruin gives Martichoras 80 magical power, 10 penetration, and an aura that reduces enemy healing. This makes her a menace in team fights by reducing the effectiveness of enemy healers and self-healing gods.


This item gives Martichoras a ton of power (85), 10% cooldown reduction, and a passive that gives her basic attacks bonus magical damage after every ability cast. After building Poly, your abilities and basic attacks will chunk enemies for serious damage.

At level 10-15 with these 3 core items built, martichoras smite build damage and control over team fights is at its peak. Your abilities will be hitting hard and often, and basic attacks proc Polynomicon to melt enemy squishies. This is when you want to aggressively gank lanes, contest neutral objectives, and force team fights. Abuse your power spike and create an advantage for your team before enemy gods can build defenses against you.

Continuously build power and penetration items to maintain momentum into the late game. Stay active in team fights using your abilities and poly procs to burst key targets. With a full build, Martichoras can 100-0 most enemy damage dealers and squishy supports in seconds! Take advantage of your scaling damage and end the match before the enemy team has a chance to catch up.

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