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Childrens Bedroom Lamps: How to Pick the Perfect Lighting

You know how important it is for your kids to get a good night’s sleep, but when it’s time to turn out the lights, suddenly those monsters under the bed seem a little too real. The right childrens lamps can work wonders, creating a space that’s calming but not too dark and letting them fall asleep feeling safe and cozy. In this article, we’ll walk through what to think about when picking the perfect lighting for your little ones’ bedrooms. From fun styles they’ll love to technical factors like wattage and materials, we’ll cover everything you need to know to find the ideal lamps for your children’s spaces. Sweet dreams ahead!

Importance of Proper Lighting in Kids’ Bedrooms

Safety First

Proper lighting in a child’s bedroom is essential for safety. Dim or inadequate lighting can lead to tripping hazards, difficulty seeing objects clearly, and even injuries. Choose a central overhead fixture that provides plenty of bright light for activities like doing homework, playing, and getting ready for bed.

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Task Lighting

In addition to overhead lighting, task or desk lamps are extremely useful for focused activities like reading, crafts, and studying. Place task lighting on bedside tables, desks, and dressers so that your child has a well-lit area for any activity. LED desk lamps are a great energy-efficient option.

Night Lights

For overnight safety and comfort, night lights are a must in children’s bedrooms. Plug-in LED night lights or wall-mounted fixtures with an ambient glow help avoid stubbing toes in the dark and alleviate fears of the dark. Choose between models with automatic timers, light sensors, or manual on/off switches.

Mood Lighting

Don’t forget to consider your child’s interests and favorite colors when choosing lighting. Fun shades, whimsical lamp bases, string lights, and decorative wall sconces can all help to create an inviting space. Mood lighting like these options helps to make a child’s bedroom reflect their personality and serves a practical purpose as well.

With the right balance of bright overhead and task lighting, night lights for safety, and fun mood lighting, your child’s bedroom can be a functional, cozy, and imaginative space. Proper lighting is key to creating an ideal bedroom environment for kids.

Types of Childrens Bedroom Lamps

Fun Character Lamps

If your kiddo has a favorite movie, book or TV character, a character lamp is a fun choice. From princess lamps to superhero lamps, these whimsical lights will brighten their room and fuel their imagination. Character lamps often come in vibrant colors and fun shapes to delight little ones.

Night Lights

For many children, the dark can be scary. A night light provides a soft glow to ease fears at bedtime. Night lights come in a range of styles from cute animal shapes to moon and star designs. They provide just enough light for your child to feel secure, but not so much that they won’t settle down for sleep.

Task Lamps

Does your child enjoy activities like reading, building with Legos or doing arts and crafts in their room? A task lamp, like a desk lamp or floor lamp, provides bright direct light for focused tasks. These lamps typically have an adjustable arm so you can position the light where it’s needed. For older kids, an LED desk lamp is a practical choice for homework and hobbies.

Ceiling Lights

Don’t overlook your ceiling as a source of lighting. Flush mount ceiling lights provide ambient light for the whole room. For a whimsical touch, string lights or pendant lights with fun shapes like stars, moons or animals are great for a child’s room. Dimmer switches allow you to adjust the brightness and are ideal for ceiling lights.

With the right type of lamp for their needs and interests, your child will have the perfect lighting for play, relaxation and rest. And you’ll have peace of mind knowing their room is bright and cheery.

Decor Tips for Kids’ Lamps

The right lamp can make a big impact in a child’s room. When picking out a lamp for a kid’s space, think fun and whimsical. Look for lamps with cute shapes, colors and details that will spark their imagination.

Choose a fun shape. Forget boring cylindrical table lamps—go for lamps shaped like animals, cars, flowers or their favorite toys. A lamp shaped like a cartoon character or animal they love will make the perfect nightlight.

Pick playful colors. Children’s rooms should be bright, bold and cheerful. Look for lamps in their favorite colors like red, blue or yellow or go for multicolored options. Stay away from harsh fluorescent colors which can be overstimulating before bed. Softer primary colors, pastels or lamps with color-changing LEDs are good options.

Add decals or stickers. Plain white lamps can easily be jazzed up with decals, stickers or stencils. Have your child help pick out and apply stickers featuring their favorite characters, animals or shapes. Not only will this make the lamp uniquely theirs, but it’s a fun craft project you can do together.

Use a dimmer switch. For nightlights or lamps used at bedtime, a dimmer switch is key. A dimmer gives kids control over the amount of light which helps them feel more secure at night. It also allows you to adjust the brightness, preventing the room from feeling overlit when they’re trying to fall asleep.

Positioning is important. Place task lighting, like a desk lamp, so it illuminates where your child will be doing activities like reading, crafting or homework. Position ambient lighting, like table and floor lamps, in corners or along walls. This provides softer, indirect light that gently illuminates the whole room. And of course, put any nightlights close enough to the bed that they feel comforting in the middle of the night without being too bright.

With the perfect lamp—one that’s fun, whimsical and functional—you’ll have a well-lit space your child will love spending time in. Sweet dreams!

Safety Considerations for Childrens Lamps

When picking out lighting for your child’s room, their safety should be top of mind. Look for lamps specifically designed for kids that are durable, stable, and cool to the touch.

Size and Shape

Choose a lamp that is sized appropriately for your child’s age and room. For toddlers, a small lamp on a low table is perfect. For bigger kids, look for lamps that won’t easily tip over if knocked into, such as rounded shapes or heavy, weighted bases. Cylindrical or sphere-shaped lamps also have no sharp edges. Avoid any lamps that have a heavy top and narrow base, as these can become a toppling hazard.

Bulb Selection

Select LED or CFL bulbs that produce little heat. Avoid incandescent bulbs which can become extremely hot to the touch. Look for bulbs specifically rated as “child safe”. If using a lamp with an open bulb, place it out of easy reach so little hands cannot grab the hot bulb.

Sturdy Construction

Look for high quality lamps made of durable materials like steel, aluminum or high-impact plastics. Check that all parts like switches, cords, and joints are securely fastened and unable to come loose. Pull on the lamp’s parts to ensure nothing detaches easily. Choose a heavy, weighted base for stability and anchor freestanding lamps to the wall using safety straps to prevent tipping.

Proper Positioning

Place any table or floor lamps out of high traffic areas and walkways in the room. Do not overload power strips or run cords under rugs, as this can cause overheating. Keep all lamps at least 3 feet away from combustible materials like bedding, clothes, and curtains. Never place a lamp above or near where your child usually plays to avoid the risk of it falling or the child grabbing the cord.

By choosing a high-quality, safety-focused lamp and properly positioning it in your child’s room, you can provide good lighting for activities while minimizing risks. Your child’s safety is well worth the investment in a durable, well-made lamp. Sweet dreams!

Where to Buy the Best Kids’ Bedroom Lights

Online retailers

Some of the best places to find a wide selection of fun and whimsical kids’ bedroom lighting are online retailers like Wayfair, Overstock, and Houzz. These sites offer lighting in all styles from rustic and vintage-inspired to modern minimalist. You’ll find pendant lights, floor and table lamps, string lights, night lights and more for any budget. The convenience of shopping online and having the items shipped directly to your home can’t be beat.

Department stores

Large department stores like Target, Walmart, and Kohl’s also have a great selection of kids’ bedroom lighting at affordable prices. In addition to their online inventory, you can see many of the options in person at your local store. This makes it easy to determine the right size, color and style for your child’s bedroom. The lighting departments in these stores are always well-stocked with the latest fun character themed lamps and fixtures featuring favorite shows, movies, and brands.

Specialty lighting stores

For a truly unique fixture, check out a specialty lighting store in your area or online. Stores like Shades of Light, Barn Light Electric and Schoolhouse Electric specialize in stylish, high-quality lighting for every room in the home, including kids’ bedrooms. Though the prices may be a bit higher, the selection can’t be beat. You’ll find handcrafted, artisanal fixtures made from natural, eco-friendly materials as well as reproductions of iconic vintage styles. These stores are also great for finding transitional lighting that will last for years as your child’s style and interests change.

Shopping at a variety of stores, both online and in person, will give you the best opportunity to find fun, whimsical lighting that fits your budget and style. With the right lighting, you can create a cozy space for your child to play, read, imagine and dream.


So in the end, choosing the right lamp for your kid’s bedroom is all about finding the perfect balance. You want something bright enough so they can see to play and read, but not so bright it keeps them up all hours. And you want something fun that sparks their imagination, but not so distracting it pulls their focus from more important things. Most of all, you want to create a space they feel comfortable, secure, and inspired. Trust your instincts, do your homework, and don’t stress too much. With the right lamp and a lot of love, their bedroom will be their favorite place to learn and grow.

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