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Hop on the Baby Alien Fan Bus for Intergalactic Fun

You’ve been waiting forever for something new and exciting to do on the weekends. Same old places just don’t cut it anymore. Well, get ready for an out-of-this-world adventure that’ll make your ordinary days extraordinary. Hop aboard the baby alien fan bus and blast off into intergalactic fun. With space-themed decor, stellar tunes, and extraterrestrial eats, this decked-out ride takes your crew on a rockin’ road trip. From selfies with little green dudes to epic dance parties under the stars, every stop on this tour is a guaranteed blast. So leave your earthly cares behind and let your imagination soar. It’s time to boldly go where no bus has gone before!

All Aboard the Baby Alien Fan Bus!

The Quirky Concept

The Baby Alien Fan Bus is an intergalactic adventure on wheels. This quirky tour bus has been cleverly designed to resemble a spaceship. As you board, dramatic lighting and sound effects make you feel like you’ve entered an alien spacecraft. Once everyone’s seated, your intergalactic tour guide will take you on an imaginary journey through space.

Galactic Destinations

During your 90-minute adventure, you’ll visit several planets in distant galaxies. On Saturn, you’ll encounter peculiar creatures and learn interesting facts about its famous ring system. On neon-colored Neptune, you’ll see dramatic auroras and massive storms. And of course, no alien spaceship tour would be complete without dropping by Mars to look for signs of life! The details shared about each planet are based on facts from NASA, but delivered in a fun, fictional way.

An Experience Like No Other

The Baby Alien Fan Bus offers a unique experience that both kids and adults will enjoy. With its kitschy space decor, dramatic lighting and sound effects, and enthusiastic guides, you’ll feel immersed in an alien world. It’s delightfully quirky and imaginative. Whether you’re a space enthusiast, sci-fi fan or just looking for an amusing activity, the Baby Alien Fan Bus will take you on an intergalactic adventure you won’t soon forget! All aboard for an experience that’s out of this world.

Activities on the Baby Alien Fan Bus

Intergalactic Dance Party

Once the bus takes off, the intergalactic dance party begins! Our resident DJ spins funky space-themed songs to get you moving and grooving. Grab your glow sticks and hit the dance floor with fellow fans for an out-of-this-world experience.

Alien Trivia

Put your Baby Alien knowledge to the test with some trivia. Our trivia host will quiz you on everything from characters and episodes to fun facts and behind-the-scenes tidbits. Winners get bragging rights and a small prize. Even if you don’t win, you’ll learn something new about your favorite show.

DIY Alien Crafts

Feeling crafty? We provide all the supplies for you to make your own alien-inspired creation. Options include DIY t-shirts, figurines, dream catchers, and more. Channel your inner artist and take home a one-of-a-kind souvenir from your adventure.

Q&A with Show Creators

The highlight of the tour is a live Q&A session with the show’s creators. Pick their brains about the inspiration behind Baby Alien, behind-the-scenes secrets, and the show’s future. They’ll also take questions from the audience, so come prepared with your burning questions!

Between the dance party, games, crafts and Q&A, there’s no shortage of entertainment on the Baby Alien Fan Bus. By the time you return home, you’ll be bursting with new memories and feeling closer than ever to your favorite intergalactic pals. All aboard for the ultimate fan experience!

Baby Alien Fan Bus Tour Stops

The intergalactic fun begins as soon as you board the bus. The first stop is Planet X375, home of the three-headed Flurbnaxians. Here you’ll sample delicious rainbow space dust and get to observe the Flurbnaxians in their natural habitat. Don’t worry, the space dust isn’t actually dangerous—it’s just crushed up fruit juice crystals that fizz on your tongue.

The Ice Caves of Neptune

Next up is a trip to the ice caves of Neptune, where everything is frozen in time. You’ll get to see massive glaciers, icicles the size of skyscrapers and maybe even a wooly space bear or two. Bundle up though, temperatures can reach down to -300 degrees! The caves are made of frozen gasses like water, ammonia and methane. When the light filters through, it creates a dazzling display of colors.

Jupiter’s Red Eye

After chilling on Neptune, things start heating up at Jupiter’s Red Eye. This massive anticyclonic storm has been raging for at least 188 years. Up close, the enormous red spot looks like a giant oval and the clouds are swirling at speeds up to 425 miles per hour! You may encounter strong turbulence, so make sure your seatbelts

are securely fastened. The spot is large enough to engulf the entire Earth, a sobering thought as you gaze into its churning crimson clouds.

Milky Way Food Court

By now you’ve probably worked up quite an appetite with all this intergalactic adventure. Not to worry, the final stop on the tour is the Milky Way Food Court, with cuisine from all over the galaxy. Try a black hole burger, supernova pizza or asteroid nachos. There’s even anti-gravity ice cream for dessert! After refueling, you’ll head back to Earth, tired but filled with a lifetime of memories from your Baby Alien Fan Bus adventure.

Frequently Asked Questions About the Baby Alien Fan Bus

What exactly is the Baby Alien Fan Bus?

The Baby Alien Fan Bus is an intergalactic spaceship tour bus that transports fans to exciting destinations in the Baby Alien universe. This immersive experience lets you interact with characters from the show, explore iconic locations, and go on an adventure with your favorite aliens.

Where does the bus go?

The Fan Bus voyage begins at the Baby Alien Spaceport where you’ll board your star cruiser. From there, you’ll travel to Planetoids like Zygon, the tropical jungle planet, or Glipforg, the neon city planet. You might even get to see the famous triple sunset of Maloxi V! Each trip features different planets and storylines so every ride is a new adventure.

How long is the experience?

Fan Bus rides typically last around 90 minutes as you journey through space and explore alien worlds. The total experience at the spaceport, including pre-show activities, lasts 2 to 3 hours. It’s a jam-packed intergalactic adventure, so make sure to wear comfortable shoes!

Do I need tickets in advance?

Yes, tickets for the Baby Alien Fan Bus should be purchased in advance on the attraction’s website. Tours often sell out, especially during peak seasons, so buying tickets ahead of time is highly recommended. Tickets range from $49 for children to $69 for adults. Annual passes and group discounts are also available.

What age is appropriate for this experience?

The Fan Bus experience is recommended for kids ages 5 and up, as well as fun for the whole family. While very young children may enjoy parts of the adventure, some of the special effects and confined spaces of the tour bus may frighten them. Kids 8 and older, especially big Baby Alien fans, will get the most out of the immersive storytelling and interactive alien encounters.

How to Get Tickets for the Baby Alien Fan Bus

Tickets for the Baby Alien Fan Bus go on sale about a month before each tour on the official Baby Alien website. With only 50 seats available for each 3-hour excursion, these intergalactic adventures tend to sell out fast. To secure your spot exploring the galaxy with your fellow Baby Alien fans, set a reminder to buy tickets as soon as they become available.

Buy Tickets Online

The easiest way to purchase tickets is through the Baby Alien website. Simply visit, select your desired tour date and time, enter your payment info, and your tickets will be emailed to you instantly. For the ultimate fan experience, opt for the VIP package which includes premium seating, a meet and greet with the bus pilot, and an exclusive Baby Alien gift. Standard tickets typically range from $80 to $120 per person depending on the tour.

Visit the Baby Alien Gift Shop

If you want to avoid online ticket fees or prefer buying tickets in person, visit the Baby Alien gift shop at the intergalactic headquarters in Roswell, New Mexico. The gift shop is open daily from 9 am to 5 pm and tickets can be purchased right up until the day of the tour, if spots are still available. The gift shop only accepts credit/debit cards and cash – no checks.

While the Baby Alien Fan Bus may not actually leave Earth’s atmosphere, its whimsical space-themed design and enthusiastic guides will transport you to a galaxy far, far away. An epic soundtrack of interstellar tunes sets the mood as you gaze at an endless sea of stars and planets. For a few hours, let your imagination run wild and unleash your inner space cadet. All aboard – the Baby Alien Fan Bus is ready to blast off on an adventure you’ll never forget!


So there you have it, folks. Now that you’re in the know about the baby alien fan bus, you’ve gotta hop aboard for a ride full of out-of-this-world fun. With its wacky design, party atmosphere, and chance to meet your favorite extraterrestrial stars, this bus delivers an experience that’s truly stellar. So grab your alien antenna headband and get ready to dance with aliens across the galaxy. Trust me, once you’ve partied on this fan bus, you’ll be signing up for a lifetime membership to the baby alien fan club. This is one adventure you don’t want to miss, so book your ticket today and get ready to rock out, alien style!

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